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A new infused Seltzer, Naturally flavored using fresh ingredients, It’s sodium-free, Gluten-free and booze-free but still guaranteed to give you a feel-good buzz without the hangover.

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We use only the most delicious natural flavors to make the world’s best tasting alternative Seltzer.

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Discover the perfect pairing with our exclusive bundle offers! Experience elevated refreshments by combining our most beloved flavors for an extra burst of sweetness and enjoyment.



Surprise, surprise! Discover the unknown with the Seltzer 8 Mystery Box! Each box is a curated collection of our top-rated seltzers and exclusive items you won’t find elsewhere. Perfect for the bold and curious!

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The Perfect Alternative

"Well...hey now....this stuff seems pretty nice!! Seltzer 8,0 Alcohol, 30 calories (real cane sugar) 25mg DELTA 8, I don't think you will need a 2nd one very fast."

- Kristen


"What I love most about this drink is its perfect balance of sweetness and fizz, making it incredibly refreshing without being overpowering."

- Felisha G.


"I've tried many seltzers, but Seltzer 8 truly stands out! The flavors are incredibly refreshing and natural. Plus, it's low in calories, so I really enjoy it!"

- Emily R.

Black Cherry

"The moment I popped open a can, the zesty aroma of lemons and limes greeted me, promising a refreshing experience. And oh boy, did it deliver!"

- Bryan D.

Lemon Lime

"The moment I took my first sip, I was transported to a summer day, thanks to the authentic and juicy watermelon flavor."

- Lambert M.


"I recently tried the black cherry and I'm absolutely in love! This flavor is so unique and refreshing. It's the perfect drink for any occasion, whether I'm relaxing at home or hosting a party."

- Andrew E.

Black Cherry

"I appreciate the brand's commitment to sustainability. Knowing that I'm enjoying a product that's not only delicious but also responsibly sourced makes each sip feel even more satisfying."

- George L.

Black Cherry

"Highly recommended
As anyone who listens to me on the mic at Southbend tavern knows, I think lemon lime Seltzer 8 is the best! Soothing, delicious, and only 30 calories!”"

- Jane S

Lemon Lime